Sunday, September 7, 2008


"Unity which comes to a family or to a people softened by the Spirit will bring great power. With that power will come recognition from the world. Whether that recognition brings praise or envy, it could lead us to pride. That would offend the Spirit. But there is a protection against pride, that sure source of disunity. It is to see the bounties which God pours upon us not only as a mark of His favor but an opportunity to join with those around us in greater service."
President Henry B. Eyring


ChefTom said...

True Service must also come from the heart as an un-selfish act. Service cannot be bought, legislated, or forced upon others, that would be servitude, no service.

Amy said...

Great quote. Thanks for sharing. YOu really are an amazing person. I was reading your other posts and I can't imagine all you've been through and you still keep going. You are wonderful and a great example. Thanks!!! Lots of love! amy

LL said...

i love that picture!
are you home or still enjoying your weekend getaway?
Hope it was FUN!

Schenewarks said...

Loved that quote! You're the best. Amy Jo