Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend was our mother/daughter campout. We had a super great time!:) Thanks Jenny and Rachael for bringing your girls, providing the mattresses and for all the laughs. This is what we did for 3 hours. This is what THEY did while WE blew up mattresses. Here are the older, more "mature" cousins.
Here we have the "not so mature" cousins.:)
Sara Hutchins enjoying some hot chocolate with her whipped cream.
Gathering in the mess hall for some midnight snacks. We had overbaked nachos, watery hot chocolate and some seriously good water....see picture below! (YIKES) No joke, this is what my cup of water looked like. I guess it was okay that I forgot my IRON pills because all I had to do was down this "cup O Iron"!
Cuteness comes in two.
Oh, my daughter, will she ever grow up normal???
This is the "We're to cool to sleep with everyone else" group. They hid away in the other room.
Good morning! This is what we look like after being up all night... We celebrated Abbey's birthday in the morning.
Happy birthday Abber Dabbers!
Love these girls!

Fun times with my peeps.

See you gals nextweekend at TOFW!


smart mama said...

fun times- wish I was there- oh yah i don't have daughters..

Becky said...

Smart Mama - you still could have come...why? Because YOU are a daughter AND a mother. See how that works?:)

ChefTom said...

Ya'll are the craziest bunch of chicks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

LL said...

i'll ditto cheftom!
i think that's why I like ya! you guys are LOCO!

shirlgirl said...

What fun! Guess it's time you got a bicycle pump to pump up those mattresses. I can't even imagine spending three hours blowing them up. Glad all you gals had such a wonderful time. Great stuff for your memory book.
Love, Aunt Shirley

Gilbert Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun! How great to have cabins too. We just had the father/son campout in our ward and they slept in tents with giant tarantulas and scorpions walking around... I would NEVER last a minute there, I HATE spiders!

Great pictures

Jenny said...

my peeps love your peeps.

Amy K. Moe said...


The pictures looked similar to the mess hall when we were going to girls camp in our teenage years. Is this the same one in new hampshire? Brought back some great memories of girls camp for me. What a fun tradition with your girls and family.


barryblog said...

This looks so fun. I'm excited to have my girls get a little older and do something like this.

Rachel said...

Oh fun! Looks like a blast. And it's fun to see all your daughters and try to figure out which ones (other than yours) belong to which sister. You all are awesome.

Schenewarks said...

Okay, I so wanted to be there by myself! I love my neices (and sisters and sister-in-law!) Pass on the food options, would have had my own stash. Count me out on blowing up the mattresses - would have been too dizzy. Amy Jo