Saturday, September 20, 2008


Did you miss me? I missed you!
I'm back from Time was hard...I barely survived.
I got to spend it with these 3 lovely ladies.
(apparently they were naughty too) This is a facade - we really are not enjoying one bit.
In time out they make you drive down one way roads the wrong way...SCARY!
(this is TOUR GUIDE BARBIE, she's for hire...)

In Time Out, they made us eat lots and lots of this...painful I tell you.
shopping...we did lots of this while in time out...I know...feel bad for me...
We had to eat lunch on the sidewalk...
cold soup and fresh fruit - (delish!)
This is my BSIL! (beautiful sister-n-law) I think I will continue to be naughty...just so I can hang out with these three gals again. We had a blast! Too much laughing, chocolate consumption and good times. Thanks Rachael, Laura and Jenny!


LL said...

Hey lovely lady, it's about time. I was starting to think you were anti blogger :)
So, the pic of me, on the sidwalk....that's what I call payback. NICE.
oh and you forgot to mention the bad behavior you shared with us this weekend. You know. jumping on beds. eating frosting for breakfast. giggles during the prayer (i think that was R's fault). you MUST be sent to time out again, shame on you!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

That is wonderful that you got to go. I went two years ago when TOFW came here to Boise. It was wonderful.Love you Stacie

Jenny said...

Listen, chicken lips.
Your naughtiness is a shining example to me.
Take time for fun.
That's what it says to me.
We DID have fun!
YOU are the fun in my world.
(Does that picture at the end emphasize my receding hair line?)

Schenewarks said...

You all look fab - having fun can do that to a person. Amy Jo

Homeschool Mom said...

I'm glad you had a great time. You deserve it!


Adam and Anya said...

Note to self: Go hang out with fun girls!!!

Rachael said...

Becky, thanks for your comment on my blog. It was great to see you too at TOFW. Thanks for the invite as well. We will be sure to make it!

Jenn said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. My mother-in-law went as well...with 7 staples in her head from Thursday. Nothing was going to stop her from going to Time Out!

Tina said...

What a fun time indeed it looks like!! And did i see right, Beck did you cut your hair??
You all look absolutely gorgeous!! Stunning even!! :)

P.S. Can i be sent to time out??!!

Anonymous said...

So one of our temple workers saw you there. Very interesting that people see you and know you all belong to me.
Rach, I love that orangy red jersey. You need to wear more vibrant colors...very pretty.