Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ben and I were 9 years old in this picture...

20 years ago I...was 14 years old and going through my most goofy period of life. My mom made me play on all my brother's sports teams so she didn't have to travel to two different games. I was in the 8th grade and lived in Northboro, MA

10 years ago I...was 24, married and recently moved back to Northboro, MA from Rexburg, Idaho. I had Kayla and Kaleb and Steve was working for Domino's Pizza still.

5 years ago I was...29 and the mother of four children. We were living in Laconia, Nh and Steve was in his 5th year as a police officer. Our house was only 880 sq. feet and in need of lots of repair. We were pretty squished with 6 people. A new house was on the horizon....yay!

1 year ago I...was spending a lot of time in the hospital with Ben and just started my Thai Kickboxing class. Steve was approaching his 10th year with the Laconia Police Department and Kayla had entered the Middle School - YIKES!!

So far this year I...have been to the temple once, played 4 games of scrabble with my parents, played 2 games of basketball with the men's league at our church and helped shovel the driveway 22 times - WOW!

Tomorrow I...will head back to Gilford with my girls after spending two days with my parents, say goodbye to Ben as he heads to Maine with my good friend Becky Billin, try to make it to my Thai class at 6pm and kiss Kaleb and Steve after not seeing them since Monday afternoon.

In the next year I shall...be better about my temple attendance, help my daughter get ahead with her personal progress, continue my blogging, laugh more and become debt free. (again)



Alicia said...

The scary part is I still feel like I am in my 20's but I was around for your 20 years ago description. Aaggh!

Rachael said...

Hi Becky! I can't believe that I found your blog by blog hopping! So fun to see your cute family and to hear what you guys have been up to! I cannot believe your kids are so old! I still picture them as toddlers running around...twist and shout and bubby. Wow. Time sure does fly.
--Rachael (Monson) Bishop

paulak said...

That's awesome. I am glad you tagged me...I was thinking as I read "this would be a fun post" Thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you look really hot. How old are you..