Thursday, February 7, 2008


I seems like I have been posting a lot of Stevie and Ben, but I couldn't help it tonight. While I was making dinner, (the other two were at basketball practice with Steve) Stevie decided that she would get out her floam and play with her brother. It was too cute. Someday (so I keep telling her) she will make a great nurse, or physical/occupational therapist. She is so good with Ben and is sensitive to his needs. After molding and playing for awhile, she decided that she would help Ben with his tight fists by opening them and molding them around the floam. She was so pleased to see that it helped him open his hands. She knows how important this is for Ben. It was so much fun to quietly watch the interaction between the two. I finally couldn't resist any longer and had to get my camera to take some pictures of them. I thought both sets of grandparents would especially enjoy seeing these pictures.

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paulak said...

You have jewels on your hands. Of course you know that. Keep her interested, she would be a great nurse.