Saturday, February 23, 2008

DOMINO'S PIZZA I guess I won't save my "hiring and firing" story for another time. (See previous post) Here's the story: Once upon a time in a faraway land (Rexburg, Idaho) when Steve and I were going to college my husband was employed with Domino's Pizza. This was the first job that he worked when we were newly married. He was a faithful employee and quickly rose into the management position. During one summer when I didn't have any classes I thought it would be fun to be with my husband at work. With permission from his boss, Steve hired me. I found being inside the store making pizza and such was too boring so I asked if I could be a pizza deliverer. This was back in the day of the 30 minute guarantee. First of all, let me inform you of my lack of directional skills. I admit it - I am directionally challenged. Second of all, after living in Rexburg for close to three years I could never figure out the whole layout of their streets. According to Steve, it is SO easy to get around compared to out here in the East. (whatever) So...I started my job of delivering pizzas. What a stressful job...this was before the days of cell phones and so if I couldn't figure out the address I was going to, I had to drive back to the store or stop at a pay phone to call. If the pizza was late - the store ate the profit and the customer got it for free. One particular night I was delivering a pizza out in potato farm land and had NO idea where I was going. I think Steve tried to explain to me about 3 different times before I left. (proof of my directionally challenged mind) I drove all the way out into no-man's land and couldn't find the address. I drove up and down different streets, asked numerous people for help - which by the way seemed to make things worse - all the while the clock was ticking. The more I drove the more increasingly frustrated I got which apparantely led to faster driving. I finally decided I would hurry back to the store to ask one more time but on my way back I got pulled over by a state trooper. Are you kidding me? Just my luck. This trooper happened to live on the street I was driving down and was on his way to work. Great! Of course by the time he approached my window I was a blubbering mess, trying to explain how I had no idea where this dumb address was and the pizza was going to be late, blah, blah, blah. The trooper had zero sympathy for me, (would you?) next thing I knew I was holding a pink ticket. I managed to somehow find my way back to the store amidst the tears and confusion. As I walked into the store, I looked at Steve, held up the pink ticket and he casually saunters over to me. As the tears are streaming down my face he reaches his hands out and puts them on my shoulders. He lovingly looks into my eyes as he pulls me in close for a comforting hug and tells me I'm FIRED! WHAT? Thanks for that. Apparantely if you get a ticket as a driver you can no longer drive for Domino's. (somehow I think that my husband found some sort of gratification out of firing his wife...) Thankfully his boss took pity on me (glad someone did) and offered me a job working inside the store.


LL said...

good one Becky-that's so funny!
has he tried to fire you since?
you need one of those cars with navigation--it was made for people like you!

Homeschool Mom said...


This is too funny! Do you ever bring it up to him now? I can only imagine what was going through your mind when your husband canned you!


Alicia said...

That is awesome, Tyler would have done the same thing and loved it. I too am so bad at directions, it is really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Becky, what can I say. This story is almost as good as me falling in the man hole in New Mexico. Have I told you that one?