Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dinner by candlelight

This was the night of the storm, we lost power as you can see. It happened twice during the day. The first time was around lunch for about 1 hour and the second was at dinner time. Thankfully I had just finished baking my pizza so our food was nice and hot. The power did not return until 12am which meant that I had to stay up and play nurse to Ben. Because the power was off, the pulse oximeter wasn't working. That means that we would not be able to tell if something went wrong with Ben while asleep. I called the power company to get an estimate and they were pretty accurate as they had told me the power should be back by midnight. Time to look into getting a generator.

Our yard is completely buried now in almost 4 feet of snow

Happy snow day. Is anybody getting tired of all this snow? Of course I realize that not everyone is getting this much white stuff. I have mixed feelings. I always love a good storm but I'm thinking that summer is going to feel really short this year with all of our accumulated snow days. Today made 6 snow days which puts us to getting out on June 23. That seems SO far away. It's only the first half of February which means that more snow is expected. Steve and Kaleb spent the evening yesterday cleaning off our roof to prevent further damage from all the ice build up. Kaleb thought he was pretty cool shoveling the roof without any help.

Kaleb out playing in the freshly fallen snow

The poor trampoline is almost completely buried in snow

Our shed top heavy with snow

Kaleb and Steve cleaning off the roof in preparation for todays storm...


Alicia said...

Holy cow that is a lot of snow. We have nothing right now. It snowed a little this morning, but it is all gone. We haven't had a snow day yet. As much of a pain as it is, I'm sure it is beautiful.

LL said...

Becky, love the new look on your blog, that's such a great picture!
We are getting more rain than snow, but we did get to enjoy a "snow day"
how's Ben doing today???

paulak said...

I wish we were getting at least a tenth of what you are getting. We have only seen about five inches total and that only last a day or two. I thought Colorado would have more. I am sure you are ready for send some of your winter our way. We had a warm and sunny day yesterday. It felt like spring. I missed winter.

N1RKW said...

Talk to me at church about generators, I have a bit of experience in that department.
- Adam