Monday, February 25, 2008


Kaleb after his MRI today
Good news...after a long day at Dartmouth, Kaleb was given the "all clear" by his neurosurgeon. For those who are not quite sure what I am talking about, Kaleb was diagnosed with an "Arachnoid Cyst" back in June. Two MRI's, one EEG and many appointments later he was told that things are okay for now. She showed us on his MRI that his cyst is not growing and that we don't have to worry about it for now but she did tell us no football or boxing. We will be on watch for any signs of seizures as he will be at a much higher risk for developing them because of his cyst and the results from his EEG. His eyes will have to be tested every two years by a neuro-opthamologist just to make sure they aren't missing any signs. We were very happy to move past this medical issue. Next is his appointment with the audiologist. He had surgery in December to improve his hearing. We discovered that in the last year he was losing the hearing in his left ear. After many tests and exams there was no explanation for this hearing loss and so we opted for "exploratory surgery" in which they found that two of his middle ear bones were fused together. They took the incus out and replaced it with a titanium piece, had to cut a nerve to his tongue and reroute it and took some cartilage from his ear and did some reconstructive surgery. We won't know until the end of March if this worked. We'll keep our fingers crossed!
Kaleb enduring his EEG to test for seizures


Alicia said...

Yeah for Kaleb, that is great news!

LL said...

wow-that is good news...what a relief for you and your family!

paulak said...

Yeah, I am so happy to hear the great news. That's awesome, Kaleb!