Thursday, November 17, 2011


Tuesday night was our "Young Women in Excellence"'s comparable to a Court of Honor for the scouting program.  The theme for the night was "RED CARPET".  We wanted to make it like an Oscar night.
Instead of "Oscars", we presented "YWIE's" 
(pronounce you-ee's)
Here are some of the decorations for that night...

Kayla strutting her 'stuff' on the red carpet!
The girls all had fun finding their 'star' on the red carpet.
After the girls talked about the projects that they have been working on through out the year, they had a special presentation for 8 women in the church that they best felt represented the 8 values in the Personal Progress Program.  After they talked about that particular woman, she was called up and presented with a "YWIE" (you-ee award) and crowned.

As Young Women's President, I then awarded the girls that had completed any of the 8 values with an award - comparable to a merit badge.

Kayla received her YW Recognition award (comparable to Eagle) earlier this year and as a motivation, she was able to go on and complete what is called the "Honor Bee".  I had the privilege as her mother AND YW President of presenting her the award
This group picture is of the girls with the women they awarded "YWIE's" to.

And then we enjoyed some refreshments afterwards.

There was a lot of work and planning that went in to this special night, but it was SO worth it.


ellen said...

How did I not know you were the Pres?!?

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations to all the girls for their hard work! The cupcakes look awesome, too.

Wiggles said...

It was a wonderful evening!

The Kings said...

Love the decorations!

LL said...

Looks like a fabulous night!!! Nice work Sister President.

Alana said...

Love the idea. Love the awards and especially picking women who exemplified them. Looks great!

April said...

WOW! Looks like a beautiful night! great job!!!