Sunday, November 20, 2011

HAPPY (surprise) 50th ANNIVERSARY!

When your parents reach 50 years married, a party MUST be thrown.
(kudos to Aaron and Rachael for organizing such a HUGE event)
 Siblings and grandchildren came together to help pull of this once in a lifetime party.
 From decorations to food preparation,
 to hair beautification,
to wait staff training...
 Everything went off without a hitch.
Except for the cheese tray...I think I re-arranged that darn cheese tray like 8 times.
 I was most impressed by the grandchildren.  They were in charge of waiting and busing tables.  They did a fantastic job. 
 And were very cute too!
 The decorators...(Jen and Rachael) did such a beautiful job.

 And what would a blog post be without a self-picture of THIS daughter of mine?  Funny. 

 After much preparation, the moment arrived.  Mom and Dad thought they were giving talks at a missionary fireside.  They spent weeks preparing their talks.  Instead, they opened the doors to find 150 of their closest friends and family.
 50 years together.
 Many more to come...
 I love that these two have created such a legacy...and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.


Houlie said...

Thnx for sharing Becky, you put a much needed smile on my face today

Jenny said...

it was such a GREAT party!
Let's do it again in 50 years!!

Alana said...

Hey, lets do it again for Jenny and Rog's 25th since I missed this one. It looks like it turned out GREAT and you guys put a lot of work into it. Wish I could have been there.

The Kings said...

That is VERY cool!!! What a great and very special night.

shirlgirl said...

Everything was perfect! Awesome job by everyone.

April said...

What a beautiful and memorable evening for two very special people!!