Friday, November 11, 2011


Please excuse the delay in finishing (blogging about) my trip account.  On day 5 we arrived at Williamsport, PA and stayed with a most amazing family that Kara knows.  We left from there Friday morning and headed for home!  (finally)  Because we were so close to my (childhood) stomping grounds, I couldn't resist a visit to see Ben and my folks.  This was the first time Brady has been to Ben's grave.
Ben's grave was completely covered in leaves, you couldn't see any of his grave marker.  I'll be doing some fall clean up when I go back for Thanksgiving.
Grampy grabbed Brady from my arms the minute we arrived. 
(even though he just threw up all over me and on some of his outfit)
We didn't stay long, just long enough to get a squeeze from both mom and dad, use their bathroom, and eat a freshly baked cinnamon roll on our way back out the door.'d think I was odiferous after 6 days on the road or something.  C'MON!  I showered everyday.  I'm guessing it was Brady's vomit all of my shirt.
(or maybe I needed to upgrade my deodorant?)
We made a detour to Seabrook, NH to pick up Kara's car and do a couple loads of laundry so that Brady could have a break and then back in the car around 8:30pm.  It took me 90 minutes from there and I FINALLY rolled into my driveway at 10pm EST.  The kids greeted me so exstatically...made me feel very loved and missed.  It's good to finally be home!  A big thanks to Mom and Dad Orton for allowing us to inherit your beautifully taken care of truck and to Kara for being my sidekick all the way cross-country!


LL said...

welcome home stinky.

kobey1 said...

She did not stink but I just thought Dad was trying to make funny faces to prove this is a hereditary trait 3 generations strong. Becky and Stevie have learned well. It was good to see Becky's home and parents and a few more family members. It was even better to get home!!! Ben's grave is a beautiful place. very fitting for such a great little guy!!!

Simone Triffitt said...

What a trip!! And that Brady could be at Ben's grave for the first time. xx

shirlgirl said...

Glad you made it home safely. I'm happy that everyone was so ecstatic to see you arrive in the driveway! A long time away from family. Welcome home, Becky, Brady, and your sidekick, Kara.

April said...

Welcome home!! What a sweet picture with Brady at his brother's grave... so glad you got to see your parents! Miss you!!!