Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DAY FOUR (back on track)

 This morning we got a tow truck to the hotel as fast as in Kentucky is S.L.O.W!  Eddie didn't come get our truck until almost 12pm.
 After he loaded the truck up, the three of us had to squish into Eddie's truck.
 It was a little awkward as I was practically sitting on Eddie's lap.  We got to know each other pretty well...all though I couldn't understand half the things he was saying. 
 Eddie drove us 26 miles to a place that Steve found online.  It was one of the longest rides of my life - like longer than our Nebraska drive.  (very uncomfortable in more ways than one)
We got to Tony's around 12:30pm and he told us he'd get us back on the road as soon as possible.  If you're ever stuck in Lexington...bring your car to this guy.  He's the BEST!
To pass the time in the waiting room, Kara played with the camera.

 (this is me being TIRED of sitting for hours in a car repair shop waiting room)
Tony came out often to update us on his progress.  This guy is awesome!  Here he is with the old fuel pump.
I fell asleep the last hour...I was so tired.
Then we finally got the truck fixed and back on the road we went.
Two hours later we were in Proctorville, Ohio at Amy's house.  It was great to see her and her family after two long days of trying to get there!
Tomorrow we are headed to Williamsport, PA.


The Kings said...

hahaha! This post cracked me up, but I'm sure it was anything but fun for you! I'm imagining you sitting on the guys lap (almost!). So glad all is well with the 'truck' now (we don't call it a truck:)

Junior said...

So glad you got the truck fixed. I am with Lisa this post made me laugh. I love that first picture of Brady, such beautiful eyes.

shirlgirl said...

Glad the truck is fixed and you made it to Amy's safely. Will be glad when you reach home!! I look forward to your daily updates. Brady and Breyer look so cute together.

dui attorney arizona said...

Glad your back. You are too hardworking man!

shirlgirl said...

Be sure to watch that gas gauge and fill up the tank!!

Alana said...

Ooh,I like the picture of just Brady, you can see his eyes really well. Hopefully you'll never drive on 'E' empty again- what a pain.

LL said...

add Tony to the "thankful" list.

April said...

LAUGHING!!!! So glad you finally made it to Amy's!