Sunday, November 6, 2011


After saying goodbye to my special friends in Spanish Fork, I headed to Orem to spend the day with my brother and his family.
Zach is very entertaining when he reads to his much so that he kept the attention of 2 month old Brady for quite awhile.  Gabe loved visiting with his newest cousin and kept asking me if Brady was a 'he' or a 'she'...and gave up trying to remember and referred to him as 'it'.  FUNNY!
Later that evening we had Tanner and Naomi (BYU students and family) over for dinner and birthday celebrations.  Tanner turns 19 years next week.
 Mac's birthday is tomorrow.  This boy could not GET any cuter.
Ben and Joy joined us after dinner for the "Totally Insane Card Game"...and some more bonding time with Brady.
 This game is INSANE...but so fun!
 Guess who won?  Not the Professor...but his older sister. :)
 We ended the night with a few rounds of "Ninja"...probably not an inside game and probably should not be played when young'ns are sleeping.  The professor and his looooooong arms wiped everyone out.
 And then I had to say goodbye...always the hardest part.  It never seems long enough.
But I'm so grateful for the time that we had.  Thanks to all the families that hosted Brady and I!


Jo Jo said...

Hey, birthday celebration for T already? Took me a moment to realize Sarah was invited, thanks! We haven't spoken to him forever so it will be fun to listen to his adventures!

shirlgirl said...

Nice pictures--cute twins!!

Jenny said...

SO SO FUN for you!

big LIKE.

The Kings said...

oh your family seem so fun!

April said...

Love that picture of you with Caleb... so tender.