Sunday, June 13, 2010


This process of Ben's death has been so very hard.
I'm completely exhausted from the whole weekend.
I've been carried by my elder brother, Jesus Christ
and by your many prayers.
You have been a part of the process.
The GOOD part of the process.
Those that love and care so deeply for our family.
We feel that love.
We feel that love so deeply.
As I was preparing for Ben's funeral,
 I knew that LILIES were the flowers 
that I wanted to represent my sweet child.  
I contacted a friend who owns a local flower shop.  
I told her I needed about 45 Lilies for his special day.  
She donated them.  
I was so very touched.  
This is just one of the many blessings that we have received.  
And I know there will be many more to come.
"Consider the sweet, tender children
Who must suffer on this earth.
The pains of all of them he carried
From the day of his birth.
He clothes the lilies of the field,
He feeds the lambs in His fold,
And he will heal those who trust him,
And make their hearts as gold."


Amy M. said...

Those lilies are the biggest and most perfect lilies that I have seen. What a beautiful bouquet. Becky you have been in my thoughts and prayers for a while now, but particularly, this past week. My parents filled me in on all of the beautiful and touching moments at Ben's funeral. I am amazed at your strength and your families strength. The blessing that you and your family will receive will be ten fold I'm sure.

Junior said...

Becky those are gorgeous lilies. Perfect flowers for your perfect little angel. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of love

Elisabeth said...

Dear Becky-
I just heard today from Ellen P. about the loss of your son. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss, and I've been thinking of you today. Your son was special, and so is your family. I had read your blog after seeing your comments on Ellen's blog sometimes and I just love your attitude and testimony. I grew up in the Boston Stake too and I've known your parents for a long time, and I love them! Anyway, I've just been reading the last few posts here and I'm very touched by them, and your strong faith. What a blessing it is to know Heavenly Father's plan to help get through these difficult times. Take care,

Elisabeth B.

rachael said...

I've been thinking about those lilies today too...they were perfect for little Ben.

Jenny said...

...and having "Consider the Lilies" sung was such a nice touch...

Cindi said...

That has always been one of my favorite songs...and now, I will always think of Ben when I hear it. The lily speaks of perfection to me, and its sweet aroma wafts far, lingering in the air long after the flower fades. Perfect choice for a perfect boy.

shirlgirl said...

The lilies are/were gorgeous, and to each of the cousins and family to walk down the aisle of the church and place them in the vases was a beautiful gesture. Mike Billins has a beautiful voice, and it was great to hear him sing the song. Also special because I knew his wife Becky was Ben's "second Mom" when she needed to be there for you to care for him. Love you so much and our hearts break for your broken heart. Lots of love from us--Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Jane said...

Prayers and hugs!