Saturday, April 26, 2008


Here I 2nd grade....can someone please tell me what kind of hairstyle I'm sporting? What was my mom thinking? She swears to me that my hair did not look like this when she sent me to school that day...I beg to differ.
(what's with the third bow on top of my head?)
Okay, so maybe I played a little hard during recess, but...HUH?


Ashlee said...

Maybe this was your quick attempt to fix the hair after recess? either that or your mom was trying to set a new trend.....that never took. :0)

Cindi said... girls have asked me similar questions..."Why did you let me out of the house like that?! What were you thinking?" And I have to tell you, I think your picture is ADORABLE! I know your mom does too! My mom always waited till the night before pictures to trim my bangs..."Oh no, now wait, they are crooked...let me make them straight..." Consequently, year after year, my bangs on my little round face were about one-fourth inch long!"

LL said...

as a professional--I'm going to have to say the bow was placed there later in the day, by someone younger, in the conservatory.. Colonel Mustard was involved (with the candlestick) :)
SUCH a cute picture!!! I'm enjoying the mystery bow.

Anonymous said...

Where was RS with the enrichment classes on hair cuts and dos?
Some sisters have one talent and
others have is not my strong suit.
Gotta love the individuality look.