Saturday, April 5, 2008


(did I not mention that some REALLY amazing people are born in April?)

He's a crazy kinda guy...

...with a FANTABULOUS smile!

I love my dad! He makes me laugh. I came down today to wish him a happy birthday in person. (I know, I'm a great daughter:)) You know you're old when your birthday presents consist of:

  1. upside down tomatoe plants
  2. a bird house
  3. a blue plaid shirt from his daughter. You see...I owed him some money (borrowed it 3 weeks ago) and paid him back today. Did he even remember that I owed him money? NOPE! (goes along with that "old age" thing) See his face? (below) Doesn't he look SO happy? That's cuz he is! Wouldn't YOU be if someone handed you a large amount of cash? I said, "dad...don't you remember that I owed you money?" For the life of him he couldn't remember. The kicker??? He said, "I don't remember giving you money...but I DO know what you owe me for..." (he picked me up a space heater for Ben) So sorry dad, but I already paid you for that. "You did?" Gotta love 'em. He's my dad! (note to self: next time just put the money in the card and leave it at that.)

Everyone give a SHOUT OUT to my dad...after IS his day!


Erica said...

You know Becky, some really amazing people WERE born in April! And I'm not just saying that because my birthday is next week (WINK WINK :)) You know, come to think of it, some REEEEALLY amazing people were also born in 1973!! (Wink, again!)
But, anyway...


LL said...

Happy Birthday to the Chief!
Or does he prefer President?
Happy Birthday Mr. President, yes that's how the song goes--
Happy Birthday to you.

Smilin' sunshine said...

He will always be THE CHIEF to me!! Even when he gets called up and has to move to Utah he will still be the Chief!!

I love your dad!

Here's to you CHIEF!!
Happy Birthday!

Becky, love the song!

Ashlee said...

That's so funny he forgot about the money. :0) What can you do? Happy Bday to your daddy!

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your awesome Dad! Your Dad is the best! He always makes me smile.

smart mama said...

april is a good month- I must say! happy birthday to the great man i always hear about and have never met (I so have ot get in the cool kids club)

Gilbert Family said...

Happy Birthday President Hutchins...What a great guy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my great dad--thanks for that great tribute, Becky!
Love Jenny