Monday, April 7, 2008


Can I just tell you how much I HATE silly putty??!! It makes me cranky in a BIG way. If my kids show up with it, I trash it immediately. (only when they're looking the other way of course) My kids know how I feel about this "putrid" putty. Not sure if you've had the pleasure of experiencing silly putty stuck to your carpet or to the buttons on your remote control but this stuff does NOT come off! It's hideous. Whoever invented this stuff should be punished.
It's a mom's worst nightmare.
So this morning as we were getting Kayla and Kaleb ready to leave for school, I called Stevie down for prayer. We were all kneeling at the foot of the stairs when she comes meandering down in her "half-wake" stupor. That's when I noticed it. The "stupid putty" stuck all over her pajamas. (okay, stupid is a little harsh - but it certainly isn't silly - don't remember EVER laughing at this stuff!) Of course I asked her the obvious "did you take silly putty to bed with you?" She looked at me with a dazed, confused look. I pointed to the mess that was all over her and she then proceeded to tell me that the egg was closed. Okay...first of all, we NEVER take silly putty out of the kitchen (my rule) and secondly, don't tell me the egg was closed when you went to bed because I'm pretty sure the "silly putty princess" would not have it all over her pajamas if it was. Can someone PLEASE help me with this crisis? Don't tell me to stick her pajamas in the freezer or use goo-gone because I've been there and done that. I'm afraid that by tonight if I can't find a remedy, these pajamas will be visiting the big black bag of DEATH!
(sniff, sniff)



LL said...

oh, very SAD! I had this same experience but it was all over the bedding. I have banned silly putty from our home! good luck with your silly mess!

Gilbert Family said...

Ohh the pain of SILLY PUTTY! I wish I had some really cool home remedy to help take it out of the jammies but I DON'T...SORRY! I wish the kids didn't love the stuff because it would make our lives a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the stuff is limited, but I think that the big black bag is hungry for a pair of green pjs!

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of silly putty? It was all meant to be... someday down the road you will thank the heavens for that silly stuff! Bid a fond farewell to that fuzzy green friend, and just remember--you can't take it with you (and your sister doesn't deserve to be the recipient of that black bag when you forget exactly what you've put into it, but are wondering where it should go?!...)

Smilin' sunshine said...

Did you try hairspray??

rachael said...

I feel your pain, but silly putty can't beat dark purple nail polish in bed on Christmas Eve all over brand new $80 American Girl pajamas!

What was I thinking???

Did you try using the big lump of SP to pull the chunks off the jammies? Kind of press it on, then pull it off quickly, then repeat, and repeat, and, well, you get the idea...We've had the SP in bed before too and I vaguely remember that method making the pj's wearable again (just not in public!)

Good luck with your not-so-silly putty problem!

Ashlee said...

Ah...silly putty. Sigh. We've got a big green lump of it stuck to the carpet in the closet of my sons old bedroom. There is a little silver ball glued inside of it that I can't get unstuck either.
I'm with you on this one! I think stupid is a totally appropriate word! :0)

Homeschool Mom said...

Oh Becky!

Silly Putty used to be a staple at our house! I was going to say that maybe you could take an ice cube and freeze the putty then pick it off, but it seems that you have tried that. I think taking a ball of silly putty and using it to pull of the stuck on goop might work. Someone else suggested that. Other than that, the PJs may need to be thrown into the bag. Sorry!


Alicia said...

Bummer, I have never been a big fan, although my worst experience was only in a pocket in a pair of jeans, pretty easy to hide. Good luck!

Heather O. said...

Becky, you are CRACKIN' me up!! Awesome blog! I found you guys through Natalie's (Nixon) blog. I've just spent about an hour reading EVERYTHING about you and your amazing kids, including your little cutie pie Ben. What an mind blowing journey you guys are on. I can't think of anybody who could do it all better than you.

Looking forward to reading more and more!

Oh, and sorry, I've not a clue how to get rid of silly putty. Evil, evil spawn of Satan. I think the PJs make a worthy sacrifice for the black bag of death.

Love ya-

Heather (Bennett--remember me?) Oman