Friday, April 4, 2008




(Ben in the ICN at Dartmouth)

(receiving nebulizer treatments)
(my baby)
(the traditional "Hutchins' Bite")


(Ben's birthday celebration with the Billin Family)

(Ben's surprise birthday party)
(Ben missed his party - over 150 people came)

(Mass General Hospital in Boston)

(Mass General's PICU)

(Transferring Ben from Boston to Dartmouth)
(See all my birthday cards?)

(Ben being airlifted to Dartmouth)(Ben is the KING of the PICU)


If you have a minute, we would love to hear how Ben has touched or made an impact in your life. (You can click on comments and choose annonymous if you don't have a blogging account.) Thanks for supporting us through this incredible journey!


smart mama said...

I love seeing the way you celebrate him in your family!

LL said...

Happy Birthday Ben--I hope you're smiling~that cute smile~all day long!
and Happy BIRTH-ing Day to the worlds best mom!
We'll be thinking extra happy thoughts for your special day.
and let's celebrate the fact that hes NOT in the hospital this birthday.
XOXOXO to you BEN!

Anonymous said...

Hey Benjamin!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday to you :)
Hope this day is filled with love, laughter and joy, just like your family!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You're amazing! What's planned for the party? Sledding? Snow forts?

Hello also to Steve, Becky, Kaleb, Kayla & Stevie!

Much love from the Tidd family.

Erica said...

AWW MAN! The baby needed me to feed him so I couldn't get on here earlier to wish Ben a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wanted to get to it before he woke up ;)

Ben you inspire me every time I see you and I KNOW you are a great example to Kara especially! I remember when you were born and I was about to give birth to her...I was so moved by your parents and their love for you and your siblings. :) We love you guys!

Tell him all the Presby's wish him a wonderful day!

Ashlee said...

So, this makes him six right?

You guys sure know how to celebrate! :0) I love that sketch of him. Happy Birthday Ben!

Anonymous said...


I suspect that you are now experts in the emotions that surround Dickens' opening phrase to "A Tale of Two Cities." And, even though you might have endured some of the "worst of times" your lives are still "the best of times."

We really do think of you often (and keep you in our prayers) and wish we could visit since we are quite close. Perhaps when life slows down a bit for us, we will make it up there.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Uncle Robert & Aunt Ruth

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Ben, I knew Ben and Reagan were close in age, but I didn't realize it was a couple weeks closeness, that is cool. You guys are truly amazing the love, the fun and the celebration of everything. Keep it up.

Gilbert Family said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I see, through your blog, how sweet and loving Ben is and how incredible your family is. I hope his birthday is the BEST and you get lots of great pictures. I love the picture of you holding him, it is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I miss you!


Anonymous said...

We hope Ben has a happy and especially a healthy year ahead of him. Watching him each Sunday is a joy to us as we watch the love that is shown to him by so many people. whether he knows it or not, he is loved by a lot of people, as is the Orton family.
God bless
D & N Stephenson

Homeschool Mom said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You are such an adorable child! You are loved by sooo many people. Stay healthy so we can all enjoy you being home with your great family. You are one of Heavenly Father's beautiful spirits, and we get the blessing of seeing you grow. You have such an important mission. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life!
The Foley Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ben

We have been in awe of you and your family from day 1. You and your parents are truly working a miricle. We admire you, Ben, for fighting so hard to stay with your family. May the Lord continue to look after you, and help you to know of the love that surrounds you.

McKay and Denise Anderson and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben. The Hiers love you! mh

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ben. He is amazing.

You are amazing. Every day I think of you. I am about to have our first baby, 5 weeks left, could come anytime, and I think of you often.

mark and i are moving back to the east coast. To Connecticut for a job mark has just accepted. YEAH!

I will look forward to seeing you.
Love and kisses and have a terrific day with your family,
lov eme

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You are an amazing young man! You are so blessed to have so many people who love you! We love you too.
Have a fun day.
Mark, Sheryl and Reed Nixon

paulak said...

Happy Birthday Ben. Wow, you have had some memorable birthdays. Isn't that the way it should be...make every birthday a big production. Ben, you are one amazing little boy. I have never met you, but you have touched my life in many ways. You have amazing courage and your parents rock. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben from your FAVORITE NURSE!!!

Anonymous said...

What a mission you and your family are serving: bringing joy to all you meet. It's not the kind of mission which your parents or grandparents would choose for you...that's why we all are not in charge. The Lord had His own plan and we can see the beauty of it as we step back. We humans waste so many tears when we see how wonderous things come from Gods Plan.
I love your photo array of your 5 previous birthdays...too bad you missed so many of them
Grampy and I delight of teaching the principal of "perspective". Teaching about perspective in relation to all the physical attributes you are missing really gives those who have them all PAUSE to consider the attribute of gratefulness. We take so much for granted...including how long you will be with us.
We love you and love for you to come and visit us.
Mimi and Grampy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!
Have a Great Day!
Gary, Lisa, Ashley and John Michael

Anonymous said...

Our Dear Ben, We would like to be with you to share your special day. We certainly will be thinking of you and hope you have a good time. You become even more special each year. Last Saturday at the temple I used your mom's blog about you and the "Value of Life" for the spiritual thought I was assigned to give in our prep. meeting. I received comments and thanks from several of our group and from the temple president's councilor and his wife. They were deeply touched by the story your mom told about you. You truly give each of us greater incentive to be worthy to be with you forever and ever. We love you Ben!

Grandma and Grandpa Orton

Anonymous said...

You know that amazing people are born in April!! :) Have a great day and enjoy your cake.
- Alison Beesley

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! I can't believe that it has been 6 years. Our family wishes you a wonderful coming year. We love you Ben.


Wiggles said...

Hey Bennie, you are the ultimate birthday boy! I'm sorry that we are going to miss you tomorrow. We will have to definatly reschedule the Pancake House. Mom, good job with the music on the site, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Baby Ben,

Thanks for being such a great example for Gabe and letting him hold you, even though you're four years older. You're the best!

Uncle Zach

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! What a sweet boy! Your entire family is such a great example. I know you guys have had a rough six years but at the same time it's been a great six years too. although I've never met Ben I love to see his pictures. I can tell he is a special boy and know he was so blessed being sent to a family who LOVES him!!!! You are all wonderful!!!

Aunt Suzanne said...

My Beautiful Sweet Benjamin, I wish I could be there to kiss your sweet cheeks and look into your beautiful blue eyes as I wish you Happy Birthday. You are such a great source of strength to me and everyday I cherish the blessing and privilege of having you in my life.
Happy 6th Birthday Benjamin!
XOXO - Love and miss you,
Aunt Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Happy sixth birthday Ben! you are growing up so fast! i just cant believe it! i wish i was there to see you grow up! but you just live so far away!
you have foughten so many things! and i am very proud of you! i know you did not chose to live like this but i think your pretty lucky with what a great family you have! i hope you enjoy your birthday! and have loads of fun! i wish i could be there to say happy birthday and to spend time with you! i will so you much and i love you with all my heart!
XoXo your cousin,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, I love the family photo! Ben you are a great inspiration along with you family; what a blessing it is to know you guys.

Stephanie Ricks

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BEN! (Sorry, just got to checking my e-mail, "sweet boy!").

Love, Sister Tine

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,
You have a great birthday song and we're dancing to it here at the Boyd household. Love, Boyd Family

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day to one very Special little Boy!!!

We love seeing you when we come back to the lake and we just love your adorable family!! We will see you really soon now.
Love and hugs,
John and Susan

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ben!

We are so glad this year has been relatively hospital free! I am constantly reminded of the miracle of love that you are in the eyes of all of us who love you.

May you have many more birthdays!

Sister Felch

LL said...

Ben totally wins the MOST POPULAR BIRTHDAY BOY award!
Hooray for the birthday boy!!! Hope he had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy BD Ben! My wife has always felt the special spirit you eminate. You are a SURVIVOR!
Just look at all of the lives you have influenced. You have generated more love, compasion, hope, prayer, friends, thoughts, poems, cards, flowers, balloons, e-mails, blogs, pictures, memories
kisses, hugs than anyone else that I know. You truely have fulfilled the purpose of Christs mission here on Earth without saying a single word.
We love you Ben

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben Boy. You and your family are role models for us all! :)
The Plimpton Family

Anonymous said...

I love my little bro he is the cutest little brother. I cannot believe he is turnig 6! The wierd thing is, is that he missed some of his parties,when he was 4 and when he was 5.

I love U BEN!


Anonymous said...

Becky thanks for sending me this blog! I love it! You have an amazing family!Hang in there all ya'll! go to my family blog Take care of you! Stacie Miller

Anonymous said...

Okay, Okay...So Benji, you're Aunt Tina's a slacker!! I'm about 5 days late!! UGH! sigh. I LOVE you more than you know. I love holding you and the peace you bring. You have such a light that's like a attracts even those who don't know you. I wish i could be there to hold you and hug you and give you kisses!!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Aunt Tina

P.S. I miss you all. Give my love to EVERYONE! Beck you are an amazing mommy. Don't you forget it. Thanks for saving me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy belated day to you Benji!! Oh how I miss seeing you and your beautiful blue eyes! My wish for you is to have a healthy and loving year to come. You are truly a miracle and such a blessing to know.

I miss you sweet Becky; I think of you and your family often. Keep smiling! Hugs and kisses from NC!
Forever friends, love Kristen Batista