Wednesday, April 30, 2008


(Kaleb picked the colors for his hearing aid)
Today was the day.
Kaleb, Ben and I traveled up to Dartmouth to get his hearing aid. It actually went a lot smoother than I anticipated. He was finally ready to accept that he was getting his hearing aid and even got a little excited! It was good. The audiologist spent about 45 minutes teaching Kaleb how to use his hearing aid. There was a lot of information and a TON of equipment to go along with such a tiny little device. The most wonderful part of the whole trip was when he put his hearing aid in for the first time, you should have seen the look on his face. He was amazed at the difference the hearing aid made.
Here's to a successful trip and to the
wonderful advances of technology. Kaleb with his new friend that has hearing aids too... Checking out his new friend...
The $2,100 device up close...
One happy boy...


Aaron said...

i had no idea he needed one. but i know the difference the right stuff makes. i have 2 girls with glasses.

Anonymous said...

How handsome you look, Kaleb.
It will be so wonderful to be able to hear. You'll love it.
We love you and are proud of you.

N1RKW said...

That's a sharp looking piece of ear-wear! Congrats on better hearing, Kaleb.

LL said...

WAY TO GO KALEB!!! they match your big blue eyes--looks GREAT.
I'm so happy to hear it's helping, it'll feel like a whole new world!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kaleb, they're so cool! You'll be like Horton--hearing things beyond the scope of normal hearing--leaping over little sounds with a single bound, and conquering the world of "huh?" Hooray for hearing day!
Aunt Jenny

Smilin' sunshine said...

Way to go Kaleb!! Hearing things in life makes a HUGE difference!!


loved Jenny's comment. that was funny!

smart mama said...

thats great! so exciting-- and of corse the child life specialist in me appreciates the little friend with matchinng equipment- sometime i'll have to tell you about some of the cloth dolls i've had to make for kids (pretty funny)

Gilbert Family said...

Love the color choice, they look great! Now go see a movie or get ice's a great reason to celebrate!

Alicia said...

Those look great, love the colors and so glad he was excited about that, what a difference it will make.

Becky said...

Actually Laura, we did celebrate by taking him out to dinner. (of course the fact that T-Bones was having a kids 12 and under eat free deal was incentive and the fact that I had been at Dartmouth all day and failed to prepare for dinner that night. Oh...and did I mention that on top of kids eating free I had a $10 coupon ta boot? Dinner for 5...$18. Life is good)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaleb,

We are so happy you have your new hearing help!
Grandpa says it great we can have our blessings come
in our favorite colors! We love you!

Tell your family hi from us!

Grandpa is getting the basement turned into nice rooms!
Sure takes a lot of time and effort!

Love you all,

Grandpa & Grandma

Heather O. said...

Yay for audiologists! They totally rock. Good luck with the hearing aid. If I remember from my grad school days, those babies are slippery little suckers that you need a microscope to adjust. Kaleb looks awesome with one, though. Congrats on great hearing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaleb,

Congratulations on your new hearing aid. The colors are awesome, too. I whole new world will be open to you now that you have help in hearing. I remember my mother being hard of hearing for years and then sore a hearing aid. They've come a long way since the time she wore one. At one time, she was able to have surgery which did help her for about ten years but then she had to go back to the hearing aid again. I think it is wonderful for you. Lots of love from the both of us.
Aunt Shirley and Uncle David