Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 Last night I had Nicole bring in her horse, Blaze, to teach the young women how to take care of, groom and ride a horse.
They found it fascinating...there is a lot of care that goes into owning a horse.
When she was all done speaking, she let the girls pat Blaze and talk to him.
And some even got to groom him.
After Nicole's presentation, I walked around the corner to where the boys were playing Ultimate Frisbee.   I got there just in time to see Kaleb scaling this fence (below) because the Frisbee landed on the other side.  Problem?  Slightly.
When he scaled the fence, his shoelace got stuck on one of the spikes.  He almost landed on his face.  Good thing his other leg was long enough to touch the ground or it could have been bad.
Now some of you might wonder why we end up visiting our local ER on a regular basis.  Please do not wonder anymore.
It's because of stunts like this that my children pull.
(can you see where his shoelace got caught in the picture below?)
Thankfully he walked away from this incident unscathed.


The Kings said...

ha ha!! Just another day in the life of the Orton's hey! :) The girls would've LOVED that. Are you loving YWs?

Jenny said...

Horse! (Yay!)
Fence! (Boo!)

LL said...

Too much "horsing around"

Sim-Dim said...

Phew, thank goodness for long legs. That coulda been quite nasty otherwise. :)

shirlgirl said...

Isn't he supposed to take it easy because of his ear surgery? Doesn't look like he is complying with that and doing things that are not safe. Boys will be boys, but he has to take some responsibility, too. Glad he is o.k. because as you said, it could have been worse. Hopefully he won't try that stunt again. Careful there, Kaleb!

Michelle said...

cool idea for YW. does that happen to be nicole swain. If it is she has sure turned into a beautiful young women!