Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Knowing this weekend marked the one year anniversary of Ben's death, I wanted to do something fun with my family.  So I took them to our most favorite camping spot on earth.  Camp Joseph up in Sharon, VT.  We took along some family members and church friends for the long weekend.  I was grateful to be surrounded by such great people.  On a scale of 1-10 it was a 9.9.  We could have done without the swarms of black flies. 
Showing some love...
The cousins playing RISK...
Sitting by the campfire singing and playing games.
 The champion of "CHUBBY BUNNY"
Two of my favorite people.
PVC dart guns.
 The ever glowing fire.
 Some of the fantastic people that camped with us.
 Another favorite friend.
The group of hikers.
 Round 2 of "Chubby Bunny"
 Except this time we played with EXTRA LARGE marshmellows

The reigning champion wins again.
Voted "Tastiest Neck" by the black flies.
(poor girl)

More cousins
 Brothers gotta KISS!
Mi Hermana
 Even more cousins
We stopped at our favorite Ice Cream place before heading out of town.

The End


Jenny said...

BEST Memorial Day Weekend ever.

troutdalite said...

we want to come! l love seeing the Ayers in your pics ; )

Emily B. said...

Ah fun times! Tell Steve I said he's the only guy that can still rock the tie dye look. :) Hope the flowers made it. XOXO

Alana said...

looks like fun, are we scheduled for another trip up to camp Joseph in July?

shirlgirl said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend with the exception of those awful black flies. They are the worst to be sure. Love all the pictures, and it looks like everyone had an awesome time.

Junior said...

so happy to hear you had such a nice Memorial Day weekend. Love the pics. Hugs

Jo Jo said...

Fun! Great way to spend THIS weekend.

April said...

what a perfect way to spend a special weekend! xo!

amy stansel said...

ahhh looks like fun. Hey dont you think its scary that your kids are starting to look the age I remember us being when we lived in northborough? Scary!!