Friday, May 6, 2011


Freshly cut grass.
Even better?
Child labor.
(I cheered her on from the house)


LL said...

HEY! Didn't you JUST have mounds of snow?
I LOVE that she is mowing in flip flops....that's my kinda girl!

shirlgirl said...

She doesn't look very happy. I think she should wear a safer shoe than those flip flops. With the track record of your household for the ER, it might be a wise move!! Love you!

The Kings said...

oh yay!!! That means the snow has gone!! Looking forward to seeing your warmer pics from now on :)

Alana said...

That smell does seem to welcome the season. I like her face in the last one, goooooooooooo Stevie.

Nettie's Blog said...

OH My Goodness...i was freaking out when i saw that gorgeous girl mowing the lawn in flip dangerous...i know someone who lost two toes doing that..her foot slipped under the mower.... but i applaud her efforts and service...she'll be blessed!!!(she could come and do mine soon as it settles in...)

April said...

HOORAY for spring and a nice green lawn! Go Stevie!!

Houlie said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one upset about the FLIP-FLOPS

Com'on know better, what would yourt mom say?

Send her over here....I have the appropriate shoes she can wear while cutting my lawn

Christy said...

My dream as a kid was to mow the lawn, I'd beg, but my dad would always let my stinky brothers do it. She's lucky, though she may not know it.