Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been subbing in the Laconia school district since Christmas.  It's not my favorite gig but it's flexible money that we need right now.  Mostly I've done my time in the middle school but every once in awhile I get to work with the little ones in the elementary school.  It's always entertaining listening to what comes out of their mouths.  The other day I got to be a second grade teacher and this is how my morning went down.
Student #1: Teacher? I think I have a bed bug on my shirt...can you take it off cuz it's really freaking me out.
Student # 2: EWWW!  That's gross!  I heard bed bugs only live in dirty houses.
Student #1: Ya...well MY house is REALLY dirty.
(I just envisioned how the mom, I'm sure, would really appreciate that announcement)
And just so that we have clarification, this girl's home has been infested with bed ongoing problem (that she again freely shared) that they have been battling since moving into their apartment.  So was an actual bed bug.
After THAT announcement the same student was in charge of the morning greeting.  (you could pick a high five, a hand shake, or a hug)  We circled up and guess who came and stood next to me?  Yup.  She turned to me and said...
Student #1: Good morning Mrs. Orton...what would you like?
Me: Good morning T, how about a high five?  (with a side of hand sanitizer?)
Besides the science teacher not showing up to teach science and the computer class that was scheduled for the wrong day it was mostly a good day. How can it NOT be when the children repeatedly told me I was the BEST sub ever?


shirlgirl said...

Nice that you are the best sub EVER!!However, the bed bug issue is something that I would hope that family would address NOW! This girl could be infesting the school since she had one on her clothing. Not a good thing!

LL said...

high five

Jenny said...

-with a side of hand sanitizer!

The Kings said...

hahaha!!! So cute!

Tara said...

Lol wise choice on the high five and sanitizer! I'm sure you really are the best sub ever!

Jo Jo said...

Funny! I love that they drew you pictures. Definitely very high five.

Christy said...

I like your jackolantern teeth! I was laughing so hard I cried at this little 2nd grade me insight as to my 1st graders class..
did you have them draw you pictures since you had too much extra time when science teach didn't show? :)

i will be doing an extra bug check on my kids tomorrow!

April said...

You ARE the BEST sub ever! Bed bugs... ick.