Tuesday, September 21, 2010


These are our Aussie friends:
Lisa and I have so much in common and it's been really fun getting to know her even though she lives on the other side of the world.  Someday I will make it over there to visit.  Promise!  She has a little boy just like Ben.  His name is Noah.  If you have time, check out their blog.  They are a really neat family.

Lisa spoils us with Australia treats every now and then and we LOVE it.  Tim Tams are our favorite!  If I could find them locally, I'd buy them often.  (but it's kind of funner knowing they came straight from her home town)  Just last week we got another package in the mail.  She sent Ben one of Noah's elephants.  So  sweet.  Along with the elephant came another Aussie favorite.  VEGEMITE.  Ever heard of it?  Me neither. I guess they have grown up on this stuff.  It's not sweet, it's something they eat on toast and crackers.  She recommended white bread toasted with butter and a thin spread of the vegemite on top.  Since we don't typically have white bread in the house, I had to wait until I went shopping.  (that was today)  Tonight for FHE we had VEGEMITE for the treat.  (and boy was it)  Worked out perfectly since there is no sugar in it and two of the five are still on a sugar fast.  (go Steve and Kayla)  I toasted the bread, buttered it up and spread a thin layer of what looked like chocolate.
Kayla and Steve were the first to try it.
Stevie went next.
and lastly Kaleb.
The VERDICT?  Kayla nearly choked.
Steve didn't think it was so bad...
at least for the first second.
Stevie said "YUCK!"
Kaleb "blech"
(WHERE are these kids manners?)
And me?  I remembered what my mother taught me.
"Always be polite"
So here I am being polite. :)  It was a fun treat to taste authentic Australian food.  Would I eat this on a regular basis?  Probably not.  A little salty for my taste.  (I'm the type that scrapes the salt off my pretzels)  
But THANK YOU King Family.  Thank you for indulging us.  I hope we made you smile because you sure made us laugh!


Danielle said...

Pepperidge Farms packages Tim Tams- I usually find them in Target, but I'm sure they must be available at Shaw's or Hannafords or something.

We love Tim Tam Slam with hot chocolate. Bite off each corner off each end of the tim tam- suck through some hot chocolate, then pop tim tam into mouth...mmmmmmm

Alison said...

Aaaaahahahaha. You Americans! You're just not doing it right!

Lisa told me that she had sent you the Vegemite. I'm glad to hear it was so successful. You need us to teach you how to do it properly.

Yep, your friend Danielle is right. Target often stocks TimTams for around 3 dollars a pack. My boyfriend in NJ is able to find them at Target pretty regularly. :) I'll get him to let me know when his Target is stocking them, and I'll pass it on. :)

Alison said...

Ah, yes, see, I've just reviewed the pictures. In the first one of Kayla, it's very clear that you have used way too much Vegemite. You need our help, big time. Lisa and I will film a tutorial video for you next week. :P

Jenny said...

Makes me start humming that song... Men at Work, anyone?
"He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich And he said, I come from a land down under..."

April said...

How fun of Lisa! Love it! Now you know what to pass on when you go to Australia to visit! :) LOVE YOU!

shirlgirl said...

Loved the pictures. You were all good sports to try it. Not sure if I would be as adventurous, but you never know!

Nettie's Blog said...

that is Aussies have all been brought up on Vegemite and we love it...i know when my daughter lived there in the US for 4 years we had to post her jars of it so her girls wouldnt forget what it was like.... mind you it I must admit it is and acquired taste...keep plugging away ..you too can be a true blue Aussie....Yeah!!!

The Kings said...

ha ha ha ha ha - I LOVE it. Yep - Alison and I will video a tutorial of how Aussies REALLY have it and what your responses SHOULD have been instead of screwed up faces and eyes popping out like you are choking! :)

April - you are NEXT!! I'm sending you some too so you can try it.

Sooooo funny!!

Ali the B. said...

I usually don't comment, but I just HAD to, seeing that I have had vegemite in England when I was there on my mission & it is a taste one needs to acquire, not something that you can just pop in your mouth & say ummmm (I think it is the lack of sugar personally!!) What a good sport, you need her to send you some match sticks or custard, now those are things that are HEAVENLY!!

Junior said...

LOL, love the looks. I tried this while in Europe and definitely not a favorite.

LL said...

They are a beautiful family, WOW!
My inlaws bring home Tim Tams too, yum.

Adam and Anya said...

Too funny! I remember learning some those same manners from your mother! Of course I'm passing on those good teachings to my own kids. Perhaps I will buy some of that stuff for dinner and test their manners.

Country/City Boy said...

I think it would have been hilarious seeing all of your faces on video camera as you tried it:)

Kerry said...

Try grating some cheese on top as well. And yes, spread it a bit thinner! :-D
I love the facial expressions!

Jo Jo said...

Funny! Good sports for trying AND posting when not your favorite.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I love your face, that is a great polite look! :) Hehe I have never tasted Vegemite but heard about it before. It's great that they sent you something new to try! LOL at the others' faces as they tasted it.

I am Elle said...

ha ha thats funny! I found your blog via Lisa King! Vegemite is the best! I also noticed on the post above that your friend/cousin is heading to Panama City mission - I have a friend who is serving there - I thought that was cool! - small world!

Sim-Dim said...

Ha ha I LOVE IT!!! Did Lisa also mention we have varieties of Vegemite in the form of Promite, Marmite and Cheesy-mite?? Vegemite tho is the best one!! Yes the condition is you eat it from birth in order to become addicted like we all are. ;) By the way Lisa LOVES peanut butter cups!! ;)

Makayla said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! LOVE it!! It is definitely an acquired taste! Although- you didn't do it right! Lisa will have to show you how to have it properly, it can be quite yummy on toast! :)
Thanks for the laugh!!!

Ben Hutchins said...

Laughing - - Loved Kayla's face!