Thursday, September 2, 2010


I had the privilege of watching THIS cuteness for the whole morning.  He's 3 months old and such a gem.  I cleared my whole morning and did nothing but snuggle him.  I almost called his mom to tell her that I was keeping him, but I don't think she would have let me.
After I gave cuteness back I headed out for the afternoon in the 90 degree weather again.  I LOVED it.  It was pure hotness.  And so was HE.  He joined us for an after sports dip in the lake.  It was SO refreshing.
It's pretty much official.  My second born is now taller than me.  And he's quite proud.  He had his first soccer game of the season today.  They won 4-1 and he scored one of the goals.  I expect great things out of this's his year.
She may LOOK like me....but she's ALL his on the inside.

Another great day.  I just might do okay after all.


Jo Jo said...

Cute baby hands. No clothes today?

Junior said...

love the pics, so glad you had a good day.

LL said...

you just might!
OF COURSE YOU'LL DO're Becky Orton, you'll do GREAT!
You make every situation a positive one.
and that baby.....JEALOUS!

Emily B. said...

Yea for great days! The weather sounds so nice. I'm trying to soak the last of it in out West before fall really gets going. You sure look sassy in that cute bathing suit!