Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here are the percentages:
5% chance of being cancer
10% chance of being suspicious
90% chance of being benign
My results?
This means the cell growth looks abnormal on the slide. They can't for sure call it malignant or benign. Now that the cells look the way they are, my chances of it being cancerous just went from 5% to 20%. The combination of my thyroid being symptomatic and suspicious means I'll be having surgery. The Dr. recommends only taking the right side of my thyroid for now to hopefully prevent me from needing a lifetime of medication. There is a 20% chance that I will end up needing it after taking the right side. (won't know until about 4 weeks post-surgery)When I am in surgery, the surgeons will do a quick send out of my right lobe to see if they see any sign of cancer...if they do, they'll actually take out the rest of my thyroid which means definite medication. If it looks okay, they'll close me up and call it good. The official pathology report wouldn't come back for a few days and if it ends up showing cancer, that would mean more surgery to take the rest of my thyroid out. If I end up keeping my left side, I just need to get blood work every so often to make sure my thyroid is functioning. So there you have it, lots of end result possibilities.
On a lighter note, during our Family Home Evening...we talked to the kids about my upcoming surgery and how as an outcome of that surgery I'll end up having a scar across my throat like Grampy. Kaleb pipes up and says,
"Woman! Your whole body is one big scar!"
(love that kid)


Leanne said...


A dear friend of mine had thyroid cancer and recovered very well from it. Went on to have other children, etc. Anyway, she is an OB/GYN in NH and I would be happy to give you her information if you would like to chat with her.

Stay strong, buddy.


ChefTom said...

This is great news!!! it may or may not be cancer and you may or may not need medicine, but after this surgery you will have enough frequent stay points for a new set of steak knives.

Stay strong, you are in our prayers.

The Mormon Monk said...

Love you, Becky. Did you tell Kaleb (with his many scars) that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? We pray for you.

Adam and Anya said...

So sorry you'll be needing surgery, Becky. I hope it goes smoothly. You really deserve a tender mercy right now. Many thoughts and prayers for you and the family.

LL said...

Scars are a sign of a fighter!!!!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOLOL Out of the mouths of babes! Just try to get through surgery without incident. :)Good luck

Jenny said...

Ilove your family.
not so bad news after all.

troutdalites said...

So you're SUSPICIOUS?! Tell Kaleb we will all have our scars redone at the resurrection!! Hope surgery goes without incident for you!

April said...

You battle wounds will make you look very brave! Praying for you!
Let the count down begin!!!!!!!! :) (and I don't mean for surgery ;)

shirlgirl said...

I love Kaleb's comment--he is just too funny for words. Let's hope that everything will be fine. You are in our prayers.

Jo Jo said...

Missing that side of Bub very much. Very funny. He's right, though. Stay good.