Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dearest Becky, this is your daughter who combed her hair and brushed her teeth just for church. Oh yes, did I forget to say that I asked her to do both and she STILL forgot?
Love, Mr. Mom
Dear Husband of mine, wasn't that the SAME SHIRT that she had on 2 days ago when I last saw her? That makes day 3 with this unwashed shirt...and to think that she wore it to church? Please tell me she didn't breathe on anyone.
Your loving wife, Becky


Rachael said...

2 out of 3 ain't so bad!

Jo Jo said...

Love the parental communication going on. Better than in person !

shirlgirl said...

Too funny! Steve, you'll have to learn how to braid hair. That would be fun to watch.

LL said...

her hair is SOOO long!
and she looks so much older.
Way to go Mr. Mom :)

April said...

LOVE. IT! Way to go getting them all to church :) Thanks for the laugh!

Jenny said...

I can SO relate.
Teeth and hair--my one request as I'm off to early morning meetings on Sunday. Perfect!

Malinda said...

Gotta love Men!
Somehow, the kids survive without all of the things us Moms do!