Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Saw the Endocronologist today.
The results from my ultrasound showed
that it's an inch big, solid and egg shaped.
We went over all the different options
and probabilities of this lovely lump.
He did a quick exam of my neck,
confirmed that he could feel it,
and then he biopsied it.
THAT was fun.
5 different needles,
5 different sticks.
And not only sticks...
moving up and down type of sticks.
I'll find out in a week if it's cancer.
Regardless of the results...
I'll be having surgery to remove it.
It interferes with my swallowing,
and the choking feeling that I get
from the slightest touch is getting worse.
(and the fact that it continues to grow)
Tuesday is my next appointment...
stay tuned. :)


Sarah said...

I'm Sorry Aunt Becky1

April said...

As Mitchell would say "NO MORE POKES!" love you!!

LL said...

a whole new meaning to "a lump in my throat"
I'm sorry they had to poke and stick your neck, can't imagine that was fun!
How soon do they want to do surgery? Will that depend on the biop results?

Emily B. said...

I hope you get some good news this time. I'm praying for you.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Good night lady! Hope you get GREAT news this time!

Jenny said...

And just last week when I was telling someone how I felt leaving Utah in August, I used the very phrase "I had the biggest lump in my throat..."
But I guess yours was actually bigger.

Cindi said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, on top of all the trials you have had, one right after the other...I am praying harder than ever for you and this stinkin' lump...I love you...

nanci said...

I'll be sending good thoughts and wishes your way along with prayers that this lump is benign. Love you!

smart mama said...

you're alwasy causing trouble for those drs aren't you- my line of the day the other day was "I am not yet as job, (second only to becky orton)!"

shirlgirl said...

Let's just pray that it is nothing! We don't need any more Ca diagnoses in this family!! Will pray hard for you, dear niece. You've been through enough. The wait is what really leads to lots of stress and anxiety. The word verification for this comment is, ironically, "patince". If we added an "e" between the "i" and the "n", we'd have the word "patience"--guess we all need that.

Jo Jo said...

Those twisty turny biopsies aren't fun. Sorry about that. When would this be?