Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is how I feel when I run home for the night.
As soon as I kiss Ben goodbye, I RUSH over to see Stevie play her FIRST soccer game of the season. When the game is over, I grab the girls and RUSH to the grocery store to pick up some food so that my family can eat. When the groceries are paid for, we RUSH home so that I can get dinner on the table before the older two have to RUSH out the door to mutual and scouts. While they are gone, I RUSH around catching up on cleaning and laundry that seems to have muliplied and replenished my house. As soon as the kids walk back in the door, I RUSH them to the shower so that they can get to bed at a decent hour. Then I finally get to lay MY head down. Funny thing is? My night seems to RUSH by and before I know it, the alarm clock is going off. I get the kids fed and their lunches made, take them to school and then RUSH back up to the hospital so see Ben. (whew!)
I cannot WAIT to be a parent in ONE location again.
(so...cute boy of mine, hurry and get better!!!)

PS: Stevie ROCKED the field!
(She plays a mean game of soccer.)
PPS: LOVE the mouthguard look...


LL said...

the mouthguard look is my personal fact, I'm thinking of sporting one as I cut hair, for safety. I like it :)
Hurry and get better Ben!
Way to go Stevie!!!!

Rachael said...

Motherhood is a marathon--Go Becky, GO! You can do it!

Smilin' sunshine said...

You are amazing!

Jo Jo said...

Motherhood is a marathon, or a brutal game of soccer. Too bad you're on two fields right now. Love the mouth look as well - tell her she should be thankful she doesn't have buck teeth. THat's how she'd look ;-)

April said...

WHEW! That makes me tired just reading it! Way to cover all the bases!-- hope you can catch your breath! LOVE YOU! Get better SOON Ben!!

shirlgirl said...

Way to go, Stevie. Bet you are great on the field. Hope Benji is feeling better, too.

Alana said...

GOooooooooooooooooooo Team Orton! Sounds pretty crazy, you've got a full plate Beck. Get better soon little Ben.

priscilla said...

What memories. She looks just like you did at her age...clone.
Hope Ben is better soon so that you do not have to do your own marathon.

Christy said...

She is no joke! Neither are you, don't forget the poweraide on days like that! Go fight win!