Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Mom and Kaleb eating lunch together. (Kayla's picture didn't come out)

Today was "Eat with your Middle School Child" day and I have to admit, I came away feeling very happy. This has been planned now for about a month and so occasionally the topic has come up with other Middle School Parents. I always like to ask if other parents are going and most of them said no because their child didn't want them to come. I was surprised at the number of parents that were unwelcome by their child. Feeling a little insecure at that point I asked both Kayla and Kaleb separately if they wanted me to come today. Both eagerly said yes. I knew that they would be very dissapointed had I not shown up. Maybe I only have a few years left before they turn me away, maybe they never will, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying being "needed" by my children.


Anonymous said...

You are a great mom and your kids will alway need you and come to you because you respect them and value them as individuals. Your life is devoted to your family and they can feel it.


Homeschool Mom said...

I can tell you that they will never want to turn you away. Tyler at 13 still wants us around. He may not want us around when he is being "cool" with his friends as much, but secretly he is still my little guy, and I love it!


Gilbert Family said...

I love my girls school because they allow parents to come in anytime to have lunch with their kids. I don't remember my mom or dad ever being able to do that. I know my girls love it and it's fun to go in every once in a while and sit with them and chat with all their friends.

LL said...

You're such a cute fun mom, the kids will always love having you around.
I asked my oldest the other day if he thought he'd ever get to the point where he wouldn't want to hang out with me...he looked at me totally serious and said, "i'm already to that point!" we both laughed. I enjoy them more and more as they get older!!!

Alicia said...

What a great activity and that is awesome they are so excited to be with mom, I always was, in fact I went to my mom's Enrichment last night just to hang out, so it may never end, love it!

Smilin' sunshine said...

You are too cool of a mom to be turned away!! Any kid at that school would probably love to have you as a mom!!