Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ben's favorite nurse, Laura Cogswell
Do you ever feel like you live your life in a car? I do! This week has been especially bad as I have already made 2 Dartmouth trips in 3 days with one more to go on Friday. (round trip to Dartmouth is 140 miles) On the flip side I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful hospital in driving distance. Monday Ben had an appointment with his Endocronologist to check on his "hypothyroidism" which went great. He carefully watches his weight and height growth and is so amazed at how well he is growing. I tell him it's all the love that we squeeze into him! (smile) Tuesday I took Stevie up to have an ultrasound on her kidney's and bladder per the urologist. Everything is normal from that standpoint so we were happy. Ben had blood work as you can see from the pictures to check his T-4 levels. (has to do with his hypothyroidism) I am spoiled as I will only let his favorite nurse draw his blood - Laura is the only one that can draw from his veins or fingers. She's fantastic and we love her!!! How blessed we are to have such an awesome facility with amazing doctors, nurses and staff.

Stevie waiting for her ultrasound results

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Anonymous said...

Just checking in before going to bed, and guess what, you had been a busy girl tonight updating your blog.

Thanks CHAD for keeping all our children healthy. Especially those adorable Ortons.

Love you,