Saturday, March 22, 2008


I love it when Steve comes home and engages in the kid's activities with them. Stevie and Kaleb were outside playing "PIG" when their dad drove up and they didn't have to ask twice for him to join them. Of course it gets a little competitive but Kaleb had a little bit of the upper hand with Steve in full gear. Have you ever tried playing "PIG" with snow and ice in your driveway? We lowered the hoop to give them a little bit of an advantage.
If you haven't noticed, we have like FOUR feet of snow still in our yard. Are we the only people left that have this much snow? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!
FYI: Steve missed this "no-looker" from the side of the shed. Better luck next time honey!
Guess what? When you complain about dinners at my house you better be prepared to suffer. After a bad week of complaining about my meals from my children...I served them what I called, "CHUNKY VOMIT". That's right...if I might quote a favorite saying at my sister-n-law's house, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". Apparantely my kids have forgotten that we don't throw fits in this house over my dinners! I'm the chef and I'm in charge! Don't mess with me!
In case you are wondering, the meal that I made is a sausage, pasta and spinach dish. It would have looked completely normal if I hadn't blended the spinach. The only reason I did blend it is because Kaleb has an issue with the texture of wilted spinach leaves. It makes him gag. This way I can use spinach and you really don't even taste it. Makes it a lovely green, don't you think so? You can find the recipe on my "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" blog that I contribute to along with a couple other friends.
I're thinking "what great manners these children have!" Really, I don't mean to brag or anything but I've taught them well. I think my mother would be proud!
To end the night, we participated in our annual Easter egg coloring tradition. After surving their dinner, I brought out a dozen eggs for each of them to color. Of course they had to finish their dinner first before starting the dying process!
If you look closely at Kayla, I'm thinking her belly was not feeling so well. I mean c'mon! Would yours after eating "Chunky Vomit"? Ok, just kidding, she was just bored waiting for her egg to turn color.

Such precision, such artistry. They definitely do not get this from me!

Funny video of the kids playing with Steve.


LL said...

FUNNY!!! I laughed at Steve showing how they do it, "down home"
does he mean in VERNAL...with the dinosaurs :)Good stuff (is it ok to mock his hometown--even though I think dinosaur land IS a fun place)
I can't believe how much snow you have...HAPPY SPRING!
oh and, one more thing, I applaud your children for still getting out and playing.

Alicia said...

Great post. Love the green dinner. I may have to try that with mine, I too am very tired of complaints about my food, I'm a great cook, but not according to my 5 year old. "Why do you always make things I don't like?" Love the video.

~ eRiN ~ said...

So remind me not to come to dinner at your house! Scary green worm sludge! You're so cute. =)

Rachel said...

I read this while I was at my Mom's and she LOVED the idea of the "Chunky Vomit" dinner. She probably would have used that about a million times while we were growing up. Did it work?
PS: Sorry I was so behind on the commenting. It's been a busy week. But I have been reading...just not commenting...I know the carnal sin of blogging. I'll do better.