Saturday, March 22, 2008


  • Beautiful flowers, especially daffodils.
  • The color yellow, it makes me feel SO happy inside.
  • Ben's health so that I can be home instead of in the hospital with him.
  • A husband who is FUNNY! He makes me laugh everyday.
  • My van, even though it's old I love that I don't have a car payment.
  • Our mechanic who always makes sure our cars are running and only takes cinnamon rolls as payment.
  • Springtime air. I love smelling the newness of life.
  • Loving children.
  • Daily phone calls to my mom and sisters.
  • My health so I can continue to take care of my family.
  • Our karate instructors who let us barter for our classes.
  • Little pugs who bring such joy to my kiddos.
  • A home to call my own.
  • My membership in the church and the knowledge of the gospel.
  • The true meaning of Easter.
  • My blogging friends and family.
  • The amazing beauty of nature.
  • Food and food storage.
  • A quiet Saturday morning when the kids are still sleeping.
  • Aunt Suzanne and the way that she loves and spoils my kids.
  • The Atonement.
  • Technology that allows Ben to live at home.
  • General Conference - my two favorite weekends of the year.
  • Airplanes that allow me to visit family far away.
  • Being debt free - it is so liberating.
  • Grandparents and the great examples they are for my children.
  • The soldiers that fight for our freedom.
  • My testimony.


Marcus and Stacie said...

Hey Becky, Its me Stacie, Lady how do you find the time to do such great blogs. I have loved seeing all of your pictures. Miss you guys.Stacie

LL said...

that was SO nice to read, what an uplifting thoughtful post!!!