Saturday, February 18, 2012


Okay, so I'm not quite back to NH yet, but when you have a baby that is still getting up on east coast time, there's not much else to do in the dark besides catch up on some blogging.  One of the days I was able to spend with Zach and his family.  I called him ahead of time (before I got out here), to let him know I was coming and asked if there was a chance he could take some time off while I was there.  "Of COURSE!" he said.  I stopped by one of the mornings and the first thing I did (besides hug everyone) is wash my hands and pick up Ruth!  This is the first time I've met her, she's a month old and SO CUTE!  She's got the signature cheeks, like her brother Mac.
  We hung out while the children played...
(two of his kids were in school)
 and played...
 and played some more.
 And then Zach asked me if I wanted to play some scrabble. "Of COURSE!" I said.
 So with babies in hand (and on table) we played a most competitive game.
 Zach had the only 'bingo' of the game...
 The lead switched hands quite a few times between he and I...
But he ended up winning at the end by 3 points because he went out first and I had a 3 point letter which gave him 3 and subtracted 3 from my score.  I was happy to have given the professor a run for his money!
During the game Brady was so busy that we had to keep switching him from my lap, to floor to high chair.  He was pretty tired of the high chair when I took this picture - makes me laugh looking at the 'eye' he's giving me. :)
 I stayed until Brady fell asleep for the night (after dinner) and then packed him up and headed back to Ben's house.  
But not before giving this TALL drink of water one more squeeze.  Thanks for taking time for me Zach.  We speak the same love language. 


Jo Jo said...

Wow, those pictures of your baby make him look so grown up! It's been a while since you've posted action shots!

Jenny said...

this is one visit I would like to have been a part of! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!!