Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ruth is the newest grandchild on the Hutchins' (my) side and Zach and Alana's fourth child but first daughter.  Zach was kind enough to wait until the majority of family was present so that he could have us there for the blessing of their child.
It was a sweet occasion, watching Zach bless his beautiful baby girl.  Hard to believe that it wasn't too long ago when I was taking care of HIM.
When the Hutchins' men get together, things can get a little bit irreverent, especially when Drunkle Aaron is present.
At least they held it together for the blessing...
and for the family picture.
(I love how Brady is eating Uncle Zach's shoulder)
We did a couple more pictures,
said thank you to the bishopric member that let us in the church on a week night...
rounded up the kiddos and headed back to Zach and Alana's for some dessert.
 I laugh because Ben (and a lot of other siblings in my family) is SUCH a baby lover.  Both times I have brought Brady out, he tries to convince Joy that they need another baby.
 It so happened that my last minute trip coincided with Aaron's trip out with his daughter Emma.  It was fun seeing Meg and Emma hang out.  (they are Stevie's age)
 I can picture the dialog here..."Joy, PLEASE can we have another baby?"  "Ben, we are DONE!"  :)
 One last picture with the boys...of course Aaron has to be naughty and pull Zach's pants down for the picture.
Oh BROTHER(s)!!! I love them!


LL said...

How FUN! What a treat to have so many family members there. This was a popular week to be in Utahr.

Simone Triffitt said...

Haha - I love that last pic. What a classic!! :)

Jenny said...

family IS the plan.
I embrace it.

Jenny said...

I think Zach should open a t-shirt hall of fame. He has some pups that date WAY back... who owns a Greendale YMCA shirt, anyway?!?...