Monday, February 20, 2012


One of my favorite people to see in Utah is my sister Tina.  She and I have a lot of fun together.  She's also been there during hard times as well.  A few years ago when I brought Ben to Utah, he got really sick and ended up at Primary Children's hospital for a few weeks before being airlifted back to NH.  Tina came to visit me almost daily.  It was such a comfort to me to have her by my side.  One of my favorite qualities about Tina is her love for children.  She LOVES them.  When she's around family, she's always the one holding the babies or playing with the kids.  I love that about her.
And as you can see...the children LOVE her right back.
 I'm grateful for the way that she quietly serves others...especially her brothers that live in Utah.
 I'm grateful for her reliability...I can always count on her.
 I'm grateful for her contagious smile and laughter...
and I'm grateful for her beautiful self, both inside AND out.
Thanks again for a GREAT time Tina!!! 


Smilin' sunshine said...

Tina!! I love that girl's smile!

Jo Jo said...

ditto! ditto! ditto!

April said...

Oh she is a treasure- I'm so glad you got some time together!

Jenny said...

HOORAY for Tina!!!!


shirlgirl said...

Love the pictures--thanks for sharing.

LL said...

i LOVE Tina. She is BEAUTIFUL and FUN and she lives in the wrong state :-)