Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I pulled my back. (again)
I called Steve to complain.
(for no other reason)
15 minutes later he surprised me with a heating pad AND chocolate.
He left work early to do that.
(something he never does)
Gestures of love make my world go round.
Tonight I took the girls to their basketball game.  I came across THIS car.  It baffles me that people have the audacity to take up TWO parking spots.  Why?
(don't answer that)
 My heart was warmed today as a friend took time out to visit little Ben and then send me a snapshot of his grave.  Gestures of love make my world go round.
(did I already say that?)
Dinner time was just Stevie and I.  The other three were in three different directions.  I made her a most delicious salad and then attempted to reach for a glass so that I could give her some milk.  My clumsy hand dropped the glass right on top of her plate causing both the glass and plate to shatter.
Thank goodness all turned out fine.  She was very forgiving and thankfully there was enough food to make her a duplicate salad.  She loves me, she loves me more.
And THAT, my friends, have been my last 24 hours.
Over and OUT!


Jo Jo said...

It's the back I'm most worried about. Again?

Tanya said...

Feel better soon. With all that sweetness, how could you not? :0)

LL said...

the bean bag. don't get out of it!

Sim-Dim said...

Ouch!! Backs are so tricky to fix too. Hmm rest sounds like a good idea but its easier said than done.

troutdalite said...

your parking pic reminded me of a cartoon my son liked here http://xkcd.com/562/
I don't mean to take up two spots, but sometimes (often!) I park crooked. I thought the cartoon was funny. But then I have 4 enginerds in my life!

The Kings said...

Hope your back feels better VERY soon!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

you are such a great mum....take that break to recover ....you deserve it...you have a beautiful family who know the value and blessings of service...they will serve you because they love you...mmmm those reeces peanut butter cups are a favorite of ours ...we have only just been able to get here in the last year....lucky you...

Alana said...

How's the back now? It seems like everyone is tweaking their back- you, Mom, my dad.. maybe its catching.

April said...

What a good hubby you have- hope you're on the mend...