Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took Kaleb up to Dartmouth on Friday for his hearing exam/ENT appointment.  There was no school that day so Stevie joined us for some fun.  We are NOT good office sitters.  Too much fun in the room to sit still.
They started off okay, but things got out of hand really quickly.
 (Kaleb got into some nasty sumac over the weekend and ended up on steroids...check out his left arm.)
These kids puzzles only held their attention for so long...
There was much playing with things they should not be touching.
Sitting and twirling in the doctor's chair.
Putting our feet up like we own the place.
It was plain chaos all around with these two.
Up and down, up and down went the chair.
Here I am giving them "The Look".
I tried to be the good mom and told my kids to STOP touching.  Kinda didn't work.
The result was that his hearing test came back normal.  It's always up and down.  His ENT doctor wants to repeat surgery in the spring and fix his hearing for good.  He'll turn his case over to an actual Ear Specialist.  Then we can retire his hearing aid for good.


Smilin' sunshine said...

Sometimes it is hard to be threatening when your kids tower over you!!! At least you tried!!

Jennifer, Lucas, Nicole, Hunter said...

OMG...I just love love love your pictures...they are so perfect..and always seem to make to chuckle!!

The Kings said...

Ha ha! I LOVE that photos are back!!!

Amy said...

Good news!!! kinda. Gabriel and I will be n the same room next week.

Jenny said...

Ummm... your "stop!" face is not so threatening. (just saying)

April said...

Your "stop face" looks a little smoochy to me :) So happy his hearing is for now! Love you!!!

LL said...

the Dr. probably stood out in the hall part of the time listening to you people, trying to find the courage to enter the madness!

Jo Jo said...

I thought my boys would grow out of that stage! Darn.