Friday, October 29, 2010


29 is my least favorite number now. 
( I can't even believe it's already been 5 months.)
So on those particular days, I try to keep my self pre-occupied.
Like making the kids go for a walk with me...
and raking up the thousands of leaves in our yard.
Thank goodness I have cute and fun kids.
They're all the distraction I need.
peace OUT!


Jo Jo said...

You're making NH look like it's already kind of chilly?

Alana said...

Beck, I can't tell who's the mom and who's the kid in these pictures. Whats your secret for staying so young looking?

Jenny said...

LOVE the 2nd picture...
Bub's like "Seriously?"
Kayla's like "seriously?..."
and if only we could see Stevie's face, 'cuz she's probably like

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Great pictures!! :)

The Kings said...

oh wow - the weather seems to have changed so quickly. LOVE the autumn colours and glad that it's not on this side of the world anymore :)
Thinking of you, on such a hard day. xxx

Ronnie said...

gloves too?'on now

LL said...

ummmm. For some reason I didn't see any RED gloves.!

April said...

What awesome rakers you have! Great BLUE gloves ;)