Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We lucked out this year. Kayla is on the 8th grade A basketball team and as a 7th grader, Kaleb happened to make the A team as well. The reason I lucked out is because the two teams travel together which means every game day is a double header. I also love that they both can watch each other play.
Kayla is #34

David and Goliath.
Kayla getting ready to "box out".
Wondering when Kaleb's body is going
to catch up with his almost size 12 feet.

I put together a little clip of Kaleb's game. The first two clips are of him playing great defense. The second two are of him going up for a shot, getting fouled and shooting his free throw shots.


Jenny said...

my favorite spectator sport!
very fun.

The Mormon Monk said...

Great defense, indeed! More videos, please. (I got a kick out of him pounding the ball at the free throw line; methinks being a little more gentle would be an easy way to up the FT%.)

Proud uncle.

ellen said...

My 5'9" (approx.) brother had size 12 feet. I used to call him a clown.

LL said...

you must be proud. Becky. Have i ever told you about the time I played church ball? It's a special story... :)

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

They are taking after there mom, I see. :) Nice job guys!

April said...

What an awesome bunch of athletes you have! Love the pictures!!

shirlgirl said...

Way to go, Kaleb! Great that they are both playing--taking after their Mom.

Jo Jo said...

Hey, fun video! Love the nail biting. Miss our A/B team set up from Texas.