Monday, July 13, 2009


(and lots of it)

Who knew Ben could produce so much!

I love spending this time with Ben
and caring for his every needs.

My heart is so tightly wrapped around this sweet child.
How lucky am I to be his mother!


LL said...

it's nice that you can be there with him...he must have wanted you to himself. That's why he pulled you from the reunion :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon sweet boy!

Wiggles said...

I hope this is a short stay so you both can enjoy some of what is left of the summer. It may not be warm, but the days have been beautiful. Get well soon sweet boy.

Joy said...

That's a pretty good thing to be doing to bad it not a home. Hoping you'll be there soon.

Sojourner said...

Your devotion is fantastic, I also like the quote you have from Russell Ballard. It makes me think of what a joyous reunion my parents had with their first born what they passed on.

April said...

Oh what sweet pictures! You are a super suction-er! (Ben is super too!)