Saturday, July 25, 2009


Every night that Steve works...
I personally drive his dinner to him.
(he's spoiled like that)
And every night he "pulls me over".
(he thinks he's funny)
He makes me park "cop style".
This is how police officers chat when on duty...
window to window.
We sit in our cars and visit,
over dinner.
(it's romantic, I know)
I told him I'm blogging about him tonight.
That's his favorite thing to hear!
(okay, not really)
But I know all of you are DYING
to see this man in action!
He gets a call while we are visiting.
Dinner break was ended prematurely.
But I don't mind,
because I know he's saving the world...
one criminal at a time.
(ha, ha)
He takes a quick shot of me before he's off,
he wants to take me on the road with him.
(well...atleast my picture anyway)


Apes said...

Adam always makes me park cop-style too, and I'm not very good at it. So he ends up having to move his car so that we can really be window to window : )
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that meets up for gotta do what you gotta do for quality time :P

Malinda said...

So cute!!! You are such a good wife. I remember you taking dinner to him when he worked a dominos in college. Some things never change! LOVE the pictures! I wouldn't want to be pulled over by him. Even though I know deep down he is a softie!!!

Jo Jo said...

Nice! This is the stuff I'm looking for! Great post. Fun to see where you go when I'm home alone ;-)

Jenny said...

Love it.
(And I love your husband. But don't feel threatened by that)

LL said...

THIS is the CUTEST. sweetest. funnest idea.
I love that you guys have dinner together...COP STYLE.
so great, this made me smile!!
(and that he pulls you over...funny)

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing that. You are such a good wife to bring dinner to him.

April said...

Love it!!! You're a great wife to your world saver!
Love ya

Aaron H. said...

I have a bromance with Steve.

The Mormon Monk said...

I'm so sorry about your surgery, Beck. Our prayers will be up there!

PS--Thanks for honoring the request for more Steve time. Nothing like an Orton in uniform to get my heart thumping. :)

shirlgirl said...

Loved the post. Glad you can have a few minutes together when he's working.

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

How romantic.....I love it!

smart mama said...

you're too fun- my engineer gets no such special eating arrangements

The Mormon Monk said...

Cute dinner date. Good luck on Tuesday, we'll be thinking of you.

Sojourner said...

That's a fun way to share supper together,the "mug shot" at the end is cute, what's next? A personal wanted poster? that would be hilarious.Have a good day;-)

~ eRiN ~ said...

you two are so cute!

Joy said...

very cute!

Cindi said...

Meals on Wheels!!! Good for you! I did the same thing when Richard worked second shift...I had forgotten about that.

Amy M. said...

It's fun to see and hear the romance in your marriage is alive and well. Hope you get well soon Becky.