Friday, February 13, 2009


Violets are Blue
and Roses are Red...
The oil was empty
and now Ruby is dead.
Ok...that's not all true.
(unbeknownst to me)
Ruby has a special feature.
When the oil is almost out,
the car shuts down...
and doesn't allow you to restart it.
This saves the car from seizing.
I was VERY lucky.
I had NO idea the oil was so low.
Guess I'll be more diligent in the future.
There was a blessing in all of this...
apparently my front brakes were GONE.
Oh, and the front tires needed replacing.
Her work is all done.
Now she's as good as before.
We'll pick her up tomorrow.
I'll give her a nice little pat
and tell her what a good car she's been.
To answer some of the questions about yesterday, I called my friend Lisa to come rescue us. She brought us a gas can because initially I thought we were out of gas - the gage is broken. When I couldn't 'turn it over' we threw the hazards on and I jumped in Lisa's car. She's a smart lady because she brought me a bunch of popsicles from home so that I didn't have to get them. I called our car guy who retrieved it and had it fixed by 10am the next morning. Now that's service! Kayla is still sick. She's going on her 5th day of a high fever. I'm taking her to the doctor's in the morning. As of tonight I have Ben on oxygen - that's VERY unusual for him. He has been breathing fast since I got home from Kaleb's game tonight and so when I hooked him up at bedtime his sats were 81% - normal is 98-100%. His alarms were going crazy. I hooked him up to as much oxygen as possible here in the home and he's hanging at 93%. Things are not looking good for him at this point. We'll see how the night goes. Could use your prayers, this virus in our home is a NASTY one, I'm worried about Ben's little lungs...


April said...

Oh I am so sorry you still have so much sickness. We'll be saying some extra prayers for you tonight. My heart is with you!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your night went ok!

Erica said...

Oh Becky, we will absolutely be praying for your family. Love you guys!

Jenny said...

I've got all my fingers and toes and pliable body parts crossed...