Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is MAX.
He's often confused.
Doesn't always know what his role is.
He thinks that he is exempt from the rules.
I'll find him on furniture - he's been told before.
He'll just look at me like he has no idea
that I've told him 100 times before to get off the couch!
He's naughty like that.

Sometimes I'll hear him on the piano.
He mostly likes to do this when no one is around.
I'll be in the basement doing laundry and I'll hear the piano.
The first time it happened it freaked me out.
I thought I had a ghost in my house.
Now I just smile when I hear the piano going...
because I know it's just Max,
serenading me again.


Aaron H. said...

I liked the video.

Joy said...

I laughed and laughed too funny.

Jenn said...

Aidan gives me that same look when he's jumping on the sofa!

April said...

I LOVED hearing the giggles of your kids---- that was the best music ever!

shirlgirl said...

Becky, that was awesome. Maybe you should send it in for the funniest animal videos or America's funniest Videos. It is a program on TV. Who knows, maybe you could win $10,000 for it. Worth a try.

Grandma Orton said...

What fun!??? The "music" was "grand" but I loved the giggling in the background!
Love,Grandma O

Grandpa is at the temple so he hasn't seen it ---but he'll love it also!

Jenny said...

Nice, Becky. Start playing some real Beethoven in the background, and see if he can imitate it!
silly dog...

Adam and Anya said...

Max, I love the music and you have the CUTEST face ever.

ChefTom said...

Gotta love family pets. Too cute.

nanci said...

Thanks for the smile today! Max is very talented!

marisaj said...

I used to give my cat piano lessons. It sounded a lot like that. I still chuckle when I hear him jumping onto the piano; I know it was all of my hard work =]

Also. Do you guys have family in Cedar City Utah?

Jo Jo said...

Great stuff. Ditto with Aunt Shirley. I'll be his agent. Dog in training, small dog stuff, lots of money.

barryblog said...

Hey!! Long Time!! With all you have going, how do you have time for a sweet dog?? I only have 3 kids, but still... I don't want nor could I handle a dog. You are a trooper.