Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Top 10 list for my 10 year old baby girl...
10. She SMILES constantly, I love this about her.
One of her nicknames is "permagrin".
9. She's a great athlete
8. Stevie is a fabulous nurse.
She loves to take care of her little brother.
7. She is very smart.
she excels in math and reading.
6. She is my most creative.
She loves knitting, drawing, doing crafts, etc.
5. She has a gift musically.
She plays the piano, trombone and clarinet.
(she is self taught on the clarinet)
4. She studies the scriptures diligently.
3. She wants a PUG and UGGS for her birthday.
(donations accepted. :))
2. Her favorite food is: grapefruit
1. She is a JOY to be around!!!


ellen said...

Happy double digits Birthday!!

April said...

HAPPY HAPPY birthday! You are really special!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Stevie!!!!
I love you!!!!

shirlgirl said...

What a wonderful list of attributes for Stevie. And Happy Birthday, sweet girl. Hope you had lots of fun. Love you bunches. Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

ChefTom said...

Happy Birthday Stevie.

paulak said...

Happy Birthday! YOu have the same birthday as Carrie's oldest, Karyna. Yeah for birthdays.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Stevie!!

Cindi said...

Your list was great in describing favorite is #10--she has such an infectious smile...I love her! Happy B-Day Stevie!!!

Jo Jo said...

HB S! You are a great gal - miss you! Sawyer is waiting to play you all his games.

LL said...

Hope she had a GREAT birthday! She and Grant are a week apart! And they were both able to enjoy their birthdays during school break.
Hope you had great day Stevie!!!

Sister Monson said...

Becky you have a beautiful family! I can't believe that Stevie is 10--what a lovely young lady!

Give all of your children a huge hug and kiss from me! (And of course that big,handsome,fun-loving husband of yours also!)

Sorry to hear that you were sick! Hopefully you are better from that flu/cold!

Tell your mom and dad hi for us!

Love you all,

Christy said...

Happy Birthday to a cute 10 year old!
(we have fake ugg boots for mine...I call them uggs and she accepts them just the same..thank goodness.)

Wiggles said...

Stevie you are the best. Happy Birthday to you. I agree with your mom 100% on all the great characteristics you have. Love you.