Sunday, February 15, 2009


This poor girl was hit...
and hit HARD!
She was on the couch for 5 days straight.
Diagnosed with Bronchitis, double ear infections,
sinus infection and strep throat.
She missed the last week of her basketball season.
She was SO sad.
Saturday was their last game.
It was the GILFORD tournament.
She really wanted to go.
I told her to dress in uniform.
When we arrived...
I was informed that the Athletic Director had a message.
Kayla could NOT dress and sit with the team,
because she wasn't at school the day before.
She hasn't missed a practice OR game this whole season.
She happens to get SICKER than SICK
and she can't DRESS in uniform
or SIT with her team?
This is Middle School Basketball for crying out loud!
I was NOT happy.
He'll be hearing from me.
We compromised by having her do the books.
She atleast got to sit next to her team.

Gilford Girls went undefeated this season,
and they WON their tournament - barely.
Kayla and another key player were both unable to play.
(due to illness)
She was definitely missed on the court.
Kayla is top right next to her coach, Heidi.


LL said...

she really was hit hard. poor thing.
Hope everyone is up and healthy these days...

Jenny said...

Yikes! I'm impressed that she had the energy to get dressed...
poor Kayla!
(our schools have the same policy)

Sargent Family said...

that stinks! when i was in school you couldn't play, but you could still sit with your team. I hate the generalized rules...they know she's a good kid...she wasn't skipping to go get high or anything (other than on antibiotics, of course:) )

shirlgirl said...

Poor Kayla. I guess rules are rules, but she was sick. Too bad you couldn't get a note from the doctor. I am surprised, as Jenny, that she had the energy to even get dressed, especially after being so ill for five days. Hope she is feeling better.

ellen said...

They probably don't have that rule in the WBNA. Feel better soon and get back to your game!!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

For heaven's sake. Sometimes I wonder what our schools are coming too. I am glad they won. I am also glad that she is feeling better.

April said...

How disapointing-- I'm so sorry! Congrats on a great season, and good luck vising with director!

Homeschool Mom said...

Poor Sweetie! That is so sad! I hope Kayla gets well soon. Let her know I love her.


paulak said...

That is truly ridiculous. I got your back.