Wednesday, February 4, 2009


...and so am I.
I was in my bed last night when Steve came home.
We talked for a minute,
he left to go eat some dinner.
I was JUST falling asleep when I heard Steve yell:
"Oh NO! We've got a BIG problem!"
I sat bolt upright out of a hazy fog and said, "What?"
(me again) "What? What problem?"
Finally he yells up to me that our ceiling is leaking.
This happened last year.
We thought we took enough measures from having it happen...
Guess we were wrong.
Water is like that.
It finds a way.
Now my house is torn apart
and my husband is up on the roof instead of at work.
Ben's PT and school special ed. teacher were here this morning.
"Please excuse the dripping that may land on your head."
"Sorry about the pots of water spread all over the floor."
"You can stretch Ben over there in that corner
where the floor isn't wet."
They were really good and understanding.
(Did I already say that?)
Please excuse me while I go and change the water...


nanci said...

OH NO! So sorry that you have to deal with a leak! I hope you're able to keep dry somewhere in the house.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Time to move???

Jenny said...

Ugh!! (Did you already say that?)

LL said...

You're not the only weepy one in NH!
Becky. I have a guest vacancy sign is on. I think you should come stay on the farm. It would be fun, we could play all kinds of lame games and stuff.

Wanna borrow a bucket? or a towel?
I'm SORRY!!!

michelle said...

Oh becky I am so sorry that you have to deal with a leaky ceiling. I hope you can get it fixed. I can't believe the doctor can't do anything to help Ben that is wrong. There has to be something for him. How sad that he is crying, it breaks my heart

shirlgirl said...

Oh Becky, just what you need is another problem. With all the snow we've had, cold weather, etc. we get lots of ice dams. I had ice on my back porch and the first floor porch which I've never had before. I finally got rid of it, but I think water is getting inbetween the roof and the porch ceiling because it looks like it might just fall in. I hope not, but it is something I'll have to deal with when winter is over. No point in doing anything about that. At least it is outside and not inside the house. So sorry.

troutdalites said...

URGH!! Some of our roof blew off in a big windstorm we had. I had two roofing estimates today. One was for $17K...and for a roof lasting longer than I want to last! Good luck : )

Jo Jo said...

Ouch. I don't know why you said last year, it should have been LAST MONTH!

ChefTom said...

Someone needs to send you the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Team.

Hope it is dry now.

Becky said...'re back! i've MISSED you. are you feeling better? it hasn't been the same in the blogasphere without you. welcome back! :)

April said...

ARGH! Not fair. I'm so sorry! I'd cry, but you don't need more moisture.... GOOD LUCK!

smart mama said...

so sorry my friend

Christy said...

Very scary to have a hubby on the roof during the winter!!!
thank goodness for strong men to do the jobs we would despise!
So not FUN!

Jane said...

I am so sorry! Come to Phoenix. We don't ever get any sort of water here. (ok rarely)

Hope you are dry again soon.