Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 The last time Kayla played softball was in the 4th grade.  I talked her into managing for the varisty team this year since she didn't love track last year.  We talked to the coach and asked her if she could work out with the team to stay in shape and in return she would manage her team.  She agreed and was very excited to have Kayla on board.  Less than 10 days later Kayla comes home and tells me that she no longer is managing the team because they are short a player for the JV team, she is now playing.  I was okay with that as long as Kayla was happy.  Turns out she LOVES playing and has done very well.  Her first game she had three at bats, 2 great hits, 3 steals and one walk.  She plays right field and didn't have any balls hit to her during the game.  So far she is flawless. :) 
Brady and I came to cheer her on.  It was COLD.  Bone numbing cold.  I'm hoping the weather warms up soon.
Play Ball!

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