Friday, April 13, 2012


 The weather was so much nicer than a few days ago.  Having the sun out makes a big difference.
Brady LOVES going to sporting events.  They capture his attention for a long time.  Eventually he wants out of the stroller but for the most part he is so good.
Stevie is in charge of our garden this year and so I brought her garden supplies so that she would have something to do during the game.
She has a couple more of these starter boxes to finish...
Dad joined the party and enjoyed playing with Brady.
I LOVE this picture.  Pure joy.
 I love watching these two interact...the cop is SO in love.
Kayla lost her game but played well in right field and second base.
 And thankfully the rain held off until AFTER the game was finished.
And while we were waiting for Kayla to come up to the car, we got to enjoy THIS beautiful site.

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Jenny said...

You guys are in heaven!

And I'm going to email you some gardening tricks I learned about starting seedlings.