Saturday, April 7, 2012


He's only 7 months old here...WHY is he getting his hair cut?  Because I LOVE boys and short hair.  Although it's true, that's not really the reason I chose to shave his beautiful locks.  I never would have shaved his hair if he wasn't scheduled for an EEG two days later.  Brady has been having some episodes of 'head drops' that are suspicious, so to rule them out, he'll be having some testing done.  If you've ever experienced an EEG, it involves a lot of gooey substance that helps the leads stick to your head.  The easy part is putting them on, the hard part is pulling them out of your hair. spare Brady of that pain, I had LL shave his head.
He picked out the purple cape...oh he didn't.
He's thinking "Seriously LL?  Purple?"
Inspecting the clippers first....
She gave him an 'old man' shave right down the middle.
Bald on top...wispy's on the side.
After we laughed at his expense, she finished the job.
I have to admit I was a little sad to see his hair go...
(and shame on me for not saving any!!!)
But after she finished, he was STILL CUTE!
I'm in love with his bald head.
(he's in love with his feet)
How CUTE is he?  Furrowed brow and all?
This kid makes anything cute.
And I think he knows it. :)


LL said...

ummm, he totally requested the purple cape. He's a confident man...and he's comfortable in purple.

Aaron H. said...

The 2nd to last picture looks like Bubby.